Hi, My name is Sophie Lyons and I am a photographer, yogi and forever student of the arts. 

Photography for me is just as important as the news. As artists we are able to convey the underlying problems going on in the insane world we live in. Whether it’s racism, feminism, mental illnesses, political issues, or gay rights; visual arts has thousands of ways to get messages across. Especially in today’s society with the increased use of technology and social media, recent generations have a much higher risk of both judging and receiving judgment. We constantly are glued to our phones over sharing and updating everyone on the daily occurrences of our lives. In reality, this obsessive use leads to a misrepresentation and interpretation with what is real life and what has been altered. The human body is a work of art itself, and by being told to cover it up because you don’t mold to the certain “perfect” body type or that it makes someone uncomfortable is a crime. The ideology created on social media can cause emotional and mental distress that can take a lifetime to get over. In this concept of understanding and identifying the truth is hard to come by online.

It can be incredibly difficult to find real people who show their true selves online, and that is why I find it so important to do so in my work. Portraiture to me in like breathing, looking into the lens and deciding what body part to crop or how to angle the face and reveal the mood, emotion or the intimacy. Not only do I think it is important to display the emotion of an individual, I think it is essential to capture their spirit and soul. As a spirited yogi, being able to be yourself and show someone who you are is quintessential to being true to yourself. 


Exposure Awards - Published in the "Candids Collection" (page 118 out of 126), digital display at the Louvre in Paris (2015). 

Teen Visions Competition - Best in show in the Teen Visions are competition at the Silvermine Arts Center (2015).

Silver Key - Silver key winner for the 2016 CT Scholastic Art Awards Program for Photography (2016). 

Best College and High School Photograph - Finalist for Best College and High School photograph 2016 for Photographers Forum (2016). As well as published in the book for the Best College and High School Photograph 2016.


Scholarship for Junior of Promise - Hartford Art School awarded this to me based on my art board at the Stamford High School 2016 Spring Art Show.

Gold Key- Gold Key Portfolio winner for the 2017 CT Scholastic Art Awards Program for Photography  (2017). 

Solo ShowQuintessentially You at Dew Yoga in Stamford, CT from July-August.